World Class Bartenders: Hasse Johansen, St Pauls Apothek Bar, Denmark

by Gaz Regan · Thursday, December 26th, 2013 · World Class 2013

At the finals of Diageo Reserve Brand’s World Class Bartender Competition this year, I witnessed some incredible drinks being made.


And some of those drinks were made by

(Picture from

Hasse Johansen, St Pauls Apothek Bar, Denmark


Hasse Johansen learned the bar tending craft mostly by himself, working, travelling and reading books. It all really started to take shape for him when he worked as a bar manager at “Herr Bartels” cocktail bar. Hasse, now owner of St Pauls Apothek bar, has won cocktail competitions around the world in Denmark, Singapore, France, Sweden and the UK. He is passionate about educating both bartenders and guests to raise the bar and engender a greater understanding of the craft of bartending.   The most important thing for Hasse is to give people an experience they didn´t know they wanted, in sight, smell and most importantly, taste. He says: “The visual part is extremely important, as in food you need to present something fantastic, to make it taste fantastic. My approach to cocktails is very holistic; you need to think that everything around the taste is in play. How the bartender is dressed, his or her technique, glassware presented, garnish, special bottles for syrup and bitters. Guests love to be included in the making of a cocktail; you should give them the story and background. When guests are told a story, it will also serve the purpose of guests giving respect to what they are drinking.”

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