World Class Bartender: Bert Jachmann, Fabios, Austria

by Gaz Regan · Friday, December 13th, 2013 · World Class 2013

At the finals of Diageo Reserve Brand’s World Class Bartender Competition this year, I witnessed some incredible drinks being made.


And some of those drinks were made by

Bert Jachmann

Bert Jachmann, Fabios, Austria

Bert was first introduced to the possibilities of the world of bartending while working for a Viennese coffee house when he was challenged to make a Manhattan. In developing his craft, Bert was inspired by Marco Pani, Heinz Kaiser and Erich Wassicek in Vienna and by influential Japanese bartenders in Slovakia. Having the freedom to experiment, he is especially proud to create cocktails to suit the style and taste of his customers. His passion for creating innovative and exciting cocktails gives Bert the opportunity to develop his technical skills.

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