World Class Bartender: Alexis Taoufiq, France

by Gaz Regan · Sunday, January 6th, 2013 · World Class Bartenders 2012

31 Alexis Taoufiq, France (2)

Alexis Taoufiq, Finalist in Rio from France, showed a flair for sophisticated French style when he made drinks for Ueno-San and me.

Well done, Alexis!

Here are Alexis recipes from the Retro-Chic round

Mai Tai

Glass: Tiki mug

Garnish: Lime zest and mint leavesdiageo world class

Method: Shake and strain

50ml Zacapa 23

20ml Cointreau

20ml Orgeat Syrup

20ml Lime juice


Coronation Sling

Glass: Absinthe glass

Garnish: Lime wedge

Method: Shake all except champagne, strain and top with champagne

40ml Ciroc

20ml Peter Heering

5ml honey

10ml Lime juice

40ml champagne

2 thumbs Root ginger

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