World Class Bar Teams

by Gaz Regan · Sunday, March 10th, 2013 · World Class Bartenders 2012

Since we shot first the World=Class video to get the competition kick-started, I’ve been lucky enough to meet entire teams of World Class Bartenders, and I thought we’d take a look back at some of these Bar Heroes.


Here’s the team they assembled in 2008 to make the video you can see here (don’t miss this video)

2009 diageo world class (5)

2009 diageo world class (16)And here we have various and sundry mischievous bartenders at the 2009 final in London.






 gaz with bartenders at don julio event world class 2010 Anon, George Bagos, Rocka Billy, Gary Regan, Alexander Sourmpatis In Athens, 2010, I hung with some very fine bartenders, indeed.  Here’s a great shot of one team in Greece.


I’ll post another blog soon that will fill you in on some of the bartenders I met in India and Brasil.


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