There are Many Ways to Misery

by Gaz Regan · Friday, December 28th, 2012 · Quotes

What would the gin-drinker say to the man who made it his business to go from one place to another, blasting his reputation, and spreading the report that he was idle, wasteful, disorderly, riotous, a brawler and a drunkard ? No doubt he would be filled with rage against such a libeller, and yet, he goes about himself, and proclaims all this, and ten times more, by gin-drinking, every day of his life. These things are bad enough, but the gin-drinker is not satisfied in doing even evil by halves. It is not enough to render himself and those around him miserable in this world, but he is industrious in blotting out all hope of happiness in the world which is to come. There are many ways to misery, but gin-drinking is one of the nearest.’ Old Humphrey’s Addresses, 1839

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