The Latest Yankee Concoction

by Gaz Regan · Friday, March 8th, 2013 · Quotes

“Istanbul’s paved boulevards and narrow cobbled streets echo with the shrill tootle of otomobiller dodging rickety, horse-drawn carts orange_juice_1960s[1]and blind beggars. Smoke-blackened industrial towers, dubbed “Ataturk’s minarets,” jut skyward between the graceful spires of the Ottomans. The muezzin still calls the faithful to prayer, but in place of flowing robes, he wears a Western business suit. Near the waterfront, hollow-eyed children stare from the windows of tottering wooden tenements. In the dimly lighted bar of the sleek Park Hotel, Turkish intelligence agents mingle with American engineers and Balkan refugees, drinking the latest Yankee concoction of vodka and orange juice, called a ‘screwdriver.’” Time,  Oct. 24, 1949.

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