The Intoxicating Effect of Sarsaparilla

by Gaz Regan · Saturday, February 25th, 2012 · Quotes

“And here one must say something about the cocktail. To-day it is bad form at a dinner in a private house to have these refreshers served, and more than bad form to partake of them at restaurants. At least this is what the women think, and, besides, they are supposed to be fattening.  However, sometimes an exception may be made, and if so there is no cocktail more delicate than a Martini, made of very dry gin and two kinds of vermouth, the French and the Italian. Much vermouth is being taken these days. It is nothing else than white wine which has been subjected to an infusion of bitter herbs. In Paris and Italy it is used as a mild cocktail, with lime juice and cracked ice and a little mineral water. In this proportion it has about the intoxicating effect of sarsaparilla.”  New York Times Magazine, September 2, 1906.

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