The Injured Unsophisticated Englishman

by Gaz Regan · Monday, February 25th, 2013 · Quotes

books[1]“Can’t even get a little Scotch whisky ‘ere. I went into a place just below ‘ere, and, because I very naturally mistook the landlord for the waiter, I was insulted.   ‘Ow should I know ?’  said the injured unsophisticated Englishman. ‘I saw a man standing there with a hapron on, and says I, Waiter, bring me some Scotch whisky and ‘ot water, and he swelled up and said, ‘I’m not the waiter; I’ll ‘ave you to know I’m not the waiter; I’m the landlord! . . . I’ll not be called a waiter in my own ‘ouse.’  So I told him to go to the devil and left the room.”  Scribner’s Monthly, 1877.

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  1. Deven Black says:

    For some peculiar reason this reminds me of story my father told about his one trip to Scotland during a long ago July.

    My father went into a pub and ordered a Johnnie Walker Black “on the rocks.”: The woman behind the stick gave him a quizzical look so he explained that in America “on the rocks means over ice.”

    The woman stared at him as if he were daft and said,

    “Now where would I be finding ice this time of year.”

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