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101 Best New Cocktails: Charterhouse Cup by Adrian Gomes, The Corpse and Cocktail, Aberdeen, Scotland

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

See more of this year’s 101 Best New Cocktails HERE  Click HERE to submit your recipe for a chance to be included in an upcoming list.

Charterhouse CupCharterhouse Cup
Adapted from a recipe by Adrian Gomes, The Corpse and Cocktail, Aberdeen, Scotland.
“This creation was a regional finalist for a UK competition held in Edinburgh by cult French liqueur, Chartreuse. Although the drink didn’t reach the UK final, it received an honourable mention by ‘UK Bartender of the Year (2011)’ Jamie MacDonald of The Raconteur, Stockbridge, citing the drink as his favourite on the day.” Adrian Gomes.

25 ml (.83 oz) green Chartreuse

15 ml (.5 oz) Pimm’s No. 1 Cup

10 ml (.33 oz) Trois Rivieres rhum (or any unaged or young rhum agricole)

20 ml (.66 oz) fresh lemon juice

2 teaspoons granulated sugar

1 dash egg white

1 cucumber ribbon, folded repeatedly and threaded onto a cocktail stick and topped with a mint leaf, as garnish

Dry-shake, then add ice and shake again. Fine-strain into a chilled small wine goblet. Add the garnish.

gaz sez:   This is an interesting quaff.  It’s weird to witness the Chartreuse teasing the Pimm’s Cup on the palate until, just a couple of seconds later, the rhum jumps into the fray and the waters are stilled.  Nicely played, Adrian.

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Denis Kryazhev, Russia: World Class 2012

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Denis Kryazhev, Russia: World Class 2012

Denis showed fabulous bartending skills in Rio this year, and he brought something else to the party that proved him to be a World Class Bartender beyond a shadow of a doubt: A great sense of humor.  Denis always wore a great big smile, and, through his translator, he was very quick with a cheeky line, a quip, or a funny observation.  Here are a couple of his recipes.

Classic Chic – Last Word

Glass: Cocktail

Garnish: Lime peel spiral and cherry

Method: Shake and double strain

50ml Tanqueray No. TEN

25ml Green Chartreuse

25ml Maraschino

25ml Fresh lime


Twisted Chic – 3M

Glass: Cocktail

Garnish: Lemon zested and floated, a cherry

Method: Stir and strain

50ml Ketel One Citroen

15ml Pimm’s No. 1

25ml Sweet vermouth

10ml Maraschino

1 dash Orange bitters

25ml Lime juice

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