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101 Best New Cocktails: The Glorious Socialite by Benjamin Davies, Oddfellows Chester, Cheshire, UK

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Glorious SocialiteSee more of this year’s 101 Best New Cocktails HERE  Click HERE to submit your recipe for a chance to be included in an upcoming list.

The Glorious Socialite

Adapted from a recipe by Benjamin Davies, Oddfellows Chester, Cheshire, UK.

“A well-balanced and spicy aperitif-style drink, loosely based around a dry Manhattan. The majority of these ingredients before you can be found in your Nan’s drinks cupboard, which inevitably makes this drink cool.” Benjamin Davies.

35 ml (1.17 oz) Jameson Irish whiskey

20 ml (.66 oz) Aperol

12.5 ml (.42 oz) puerto fino dry sherry

5 ml (.17 oz) Lillet Blanc

1 drop Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged bitters

1 lemon twist

Shake all ingredients hard and fine-strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Squeeze the twist over the drink, then discard.

gaz sez:   Well, my Nan wasn’t much of a one for Aperol, but I think she’d have enjoyed this quaff.  There’s a bit of a céilidh going on in this glass, but the sherry pulls it all together, making sure that no one gets out of hand.  Nice on, Benjamin.

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