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101 Best New Cocktails: Siam Saoco by Iain McPherson, Panda and Sons, Edinburgh, Scotland

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

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Siam Saoco

Adapted from a recipe by Iain McPherson, Panda and Sons, Edinburgh, Scotland

“The inspiration for my cocktail the Siam Saoco (Sa-oh-ko) comes from my childhood family memories. You can never relive your memories but you can always cherish them forever!siam saoco

“I wanted to create a cocktail that would be unique and bring a flavour profile that would get my guests thinking about the taste and enjoying it and a cocktail that would really showcase the Bacardi.  A drink to me is not just about the flavour, the experience is very important too.  I wanted to get my customers relating to my stories to their own so not only will they enjoy my cocktail they will also enjoy remembering personal memories from long ago and even better the ones they had forgotten about.  Slainte!” Iain McPherson

50ml (1.7 oz) Bacardi Superior

50ml (1.7 oz) Foco roasted coconut water

4 Thai sweet basil leaves

Barspoon light agave nectar

Pinch Himalayan salt

Shake over ice and fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass or coupette.

siam saoco Iain McPherson

gaz sez:  Another bow to the Gods of simplicity here, and Iain pulls it off admirably.  Note, also, the pinch of salt in this drink.  It makes a heck of a difference, adding another dimension and highlighting the basil notes.  Well done, Iain.

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Fleur de Lys by Iain McPherson, Voodoo Room, Edinburgh

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

G’Vine Gin Connoisseur Program World Finals 2012

Finalists’ Signature Cocktails for the G’Vine Summer Ball

Fleur de Lys by Iain McPherson, Voodoo Room, Edinburgh

50 ml G’Vine Floraison

25 ml Dubonnet

12.5 ml Grapefruit liqueur

1 barspoon (5 ml) Sugar syrup

Shake all the ingredients apart from lemon zest in a shaker with

cubed ice. Fine strain into a coupette. Zest lemon over the drink

and then garnish with a maraschino cherry.

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