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101 Best New Cocktails 2012: Bitter Pill by Evelyn Ciszak, Chakra, Paramus, NJ.

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Bitter Pill

Adapted from a recipe by Evelyn Ciszak, Chakra, Paramus, NJ.

“If you like Negroni, you’ll love this cocktail. Great for the morning-after hangover—skip the Bloody Mary.” Evelyn Ciszak.

30 ml (1 oz) Pimm’s No. 1 Cup

30 ml (1 oz) Campari

30 ml (1 oz) Fair Trade Goji Berry liqueur

1 orange twist, as garnish

Shake vigorously over ice and strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice. Add the garnish.

gaz sez: First of all we should get the Goji Berry liqueur question out of the way. I found it on the K & L Wine Merchant web site ( Here’s what they had to say about this very fine product:

[This] is the first and only Goji Berry Liqueur and is also made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients with a focus on the legendary and sacred Goji berry fruit. Considered one of the most nutritious fruits on earth, Goji berries were harvested by Tibetan monks for thousands of years and worshipped by locals as source of eternal happiness. The berries harvested for FAIR.Goji are found in remote and unpolluted valleys of the Himalayas where the soil is loved and respected. FAIR.Goji offers a totally new flavor with notes of cranberry, cherry and plum with herbacious notes. The rare FAIR.Goji has already received rave reviews from both consumers and mixologists as the latest source of inspiration for fresh and unique cocktails with a healthful twist.

Now go get yourself a bottle and fix yourself one of this spectacular drink. The Bitter Pill ain’t all that bitter at all, and it’s the Goji Berry liqueur that performs a magical wedding ceremony for the Pimm’s and Campari. May the three of them be together for eternity.


This is one of 2012’s 101 Best New Cocktails.

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