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World Class Bartenders: Emil Seth Åreng, from the Rex Bar and Grill, Sweden

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

At the finals of Diageo Reserve Brand’s World Class Bartender Competition this year, I witnessed some incredible drinks being made.


And some of those drinks were made by


Emil Seth Åreng, from the Rex Bar and Grill, Sweden

Emil Seth Åreng has worked in the industry for eight years, learning the craft from studying other bartenders and working alongside many of the ‘greats’ of the industry. No stranger to the WORLD CLASS programme, Emil has competed in the Regional Final for the past three years benefiting from the workshops that help take the business forward and being inspired by gurus such as Ueno Hidetsugu, Angus Winchester, Eric Lorinz and Max La Rocca. He is deeply inspired by the many great Swedish bartenders including those from Little Quarter, The Flying Elk, Tjoget, Puta Madre and last year’s WORLD CLASS finalist, Boudy Ghostine. Emil is from a very small town in Northern Sweden – the only part of the country where the famous yellow “cloudberry” grows – an ingredient he used with success in his winning cocktail.

And here’s one of the drinks he made for us while we were cruising the Med (It’s a doozy!)

When In Ibiza (this drink was paired with a chocolate dessert)

Glass: Martini

Garnish: Cherry

Method:Muddle sugar with bitters, then add hazelnut liqueur to make a quick syrup. Then add Lagavulin, then coffee beans. Add ice and stir for a long time. Strain.

40ml Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch whisky

1 Raw sugar cube

4 dash Angostura bitters

10ml Hazelnut liqueur



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