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Happy World Class Birthday Salvatore!

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

The Luverly Eliana Martins Pessanha, aka Miss Rio, took us on a tour of cachaca bars yesterday to help celebrate Salvatore Calabrese’s birthday.

It was a World Class Bar Crawl!

We Started out at the Acadamia da Cachaca

Dennis Tamse, gaz, Peter Dorelli, Salvatore Calabrese, DaLe DeGroff, Ueno-San, and Bob Nolet of Ketel One

After tasting, oh, about 27 different Cachacas (they have over 100 bottlings there, and many of them are just sublime spirits), we toddled off to Astor

Where we met Carlos, a simply splendid bartender!

And a Trio of Girls from Ipenina!

And Salvatore gave Dale sone Serious Words of Wisdom

Happy Birthday, Salvatore!

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World Class Rio, 2012 July 7: Christ the Redeemer

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

No trip to Rio is complete without a visit to see Christ the Redeemer Statue, right?

The sight of this brought tears to my eyes, just like my first glimpse of the Taj Mahal during last year’s World Class event.

Here’s the gang I was hanging with

Dennis Tamse, Spike Marchant, Dale DeGroff, Tim Judge, Ueno-San, and Bob Nolet

Truly a World Class Crew, right?

All in All it was Certainly a World Class Day

Thanks Diageo!

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