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Bartender Brain Trust

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

The Worldwide Bartender Database

An Organization Hatched by

Gaz Regan and Arthur Shapiro,

Recently Held the World’s First

Bartender Brain Trust

at New York’s Dead Rabbit.


“A Global Spirits company charged us to delve into the heads of some of New York’s Finest Bartenders to get their opinions on a soon-to-be-released new product,” says Shapiro. “I think we did them proud.”

“We were asked to find bartenders who represented a variety of bars,” says Regan, “so we had a great mix of people who work at some of the fanciest bars in town, and folk who stand behind the stick in some great neighborhood saloons, too.

The afternoon at The Dead Rabbit was very interesting, to say the least. Shapiro led the way, probing the bartenders mercilessly as they sipped, evaluated, chatted, and did what bartenders do best: They gave us honest answers.


We listened.  And We Heard.


Here’s a list of the bartenders who attended the Brain Trust

Angela Waterhouse

Ear Inn
Ash Haussermann BlackTail (and Clover Club)
Brook Smith Dead Rabbit
Cat Smith Bleeker St Bar
David Roth Covina
Edward Kennelly Rinn Rua
Hemant Pathak Junoon
Jenna Lane Sparrow Tavern
John Hedigan Harefield Road
Naomi Minkoff Café Luxembourg
Paula Fidler Lukas Nur
Rebekah Nelson Black Hound
Scott Small The Commisioner
Thomas Chadwick Starlight

For Details on How to Convene Your Very Own Bartender Brain Trust

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