Recommend Me Something

by Gaz Regan · Thursday, December 19th, 2013 · Quotes

Recommend Me Something

“A rehearsal of ‘Red, Hot and Blue!’ was in progress.  The star of the show, Jimmy Durante, sat on a shaky chair tilted against the bare bricks in the back wall of the stage.  He looked as if he were trying to get as far away from other humans as possible.  His face was haggard.  When he took his cigar out of his big, ragged mouth his hands shook.

red hot blue

‘I can’t drink,’ he said, shivering.  ‘Only my great sense of responsibility forced me to show up at the pickle works today.  I can’t drink.  It’s alright if I take a glass of vermoot, or some red wine.  Yeh, that’s all right.  But last night I’m feeling thirsty, so I go to this joint across the street and I say to the bartender, ‘recommend me something.’ So he give me what he called an Alexander.  I had about six of these Alexanders, and I get dizzy.  When I go home I hit the bed  and it whirls around like an electric fan.  I am seasick.  I’m in an awful fix.  I want to die.”  Joseph Mitchell, My Ears are Bent, 2001.

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