Potent Quotables: A Company Of Bedraggled Roysterers

by Gaz Regan · Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 · Quotes

A Company Of Bedraggled Roysterers

“The night clubs and cabarets that are such prominent features of our hectic night life are in the main euphemistic terms for what the haymarketElegant Eighties knew as ‘dives.’  The old Tenderloin of Captain Williams’s regime was plentifully endowed with glorified replicas of Billy McGlory’s Armory Hall on Hester Street, and Owney Geohagen’s ‘Slide’ on the Bowery.  Perhaps the most notorious of the uptown joints was The Haymarket at Sixth Avenue and Thirtieth Street which used to figure in the amusement columns as a ‘Bijou of Tepsichore, ‘Soiree Dansante’.  ‘The Haymarket’ used to be raided periodically by the police.  There were no patrol wagons then, but as it was in immediate proximity to the Thirtieth Street Station House it required no great vigilance for a squad of bluecoats to escort a company of bedraggled roysterers to the hospitable shelter of Captain Williams’s caravansary.”  Valentine’s Manual of Old New York by Henry Collins Brown, 1927.

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