Mindful Intuition

by Gaz Regan · Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 · Mindful Bartending

A mindful bartender trusts her intuition.  She is primarily focused on what the customer in front of her is doing or saying, or upon the drink she is making, but she is also aware of what’s going on at the other end of the bar, and in the entire restaurant.gazzer 2011

She keeps tabs on the atmosphere of the place, and she constantly monitors the events, actions, and people that might affect the mood at the bar or within the restaurant.  A mindful bartender pays attention to the personal preferences of her guests, and she makes each person’s drinks accordingly.

A mindful bartender leaves her personal shit at the door because she knows she can’t be fully attentive to her customers if she’s obsessing about the fight she just had with her sister or if she’s making mental notes about all the crap she needs to do tomorrow morning before her spin class.

A mindful bartender sets her intentions to be of service to her customers.

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