Mezcal Brand Ambassador

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Mezcal Amores Brand Ambassador

The Story of Mezcal Amores

Mezcal Amores or as it is known in the United States, Mezcal Amarás, was founded by a group of friends in 2010. This is a love story…a love story of Mexican people re-introduced to a Mexican world of traditions, respect and mystery that did not need discovery…only appreciation and wonder as to why the best and most complex distillate in the world remained hidden and misunderstood for so long. They vowed to create a Mezcal brand whose heart and purpose put the agaves, the land and the communities first and then to share their passion and devotion to this quintessential Mexican spirit with the rest of the world.

The Mezcal Amores Philosophy


  • We plant 10 agaves for each agave we harvest in order to avoid extinction of the species
  • Our replanting program creates new jobs and protects the natural resources of the mezcal producing areas

Organic and Natural

  • We strive to create the most natural product using only artisanal and ancestral production methods
  • We work with organic agaves and our fermentation process is 100% natural

Secured and Fair Price

  • By securing the future price of agaves we ensure a regular income to our farmers
  • We pay a fair price for each liter of Mezcal we buy from Maestros Mezcaleros, always seeking to improve their quality of life

Diversified Production Base

  • We partner with 13 Maestros Mezcaleros
  • This preserves traditions, maintains craftsmanship, creates jobs and distributes wealth in the community

Responsible Marketing

  • We believe all Mezcals should be enjoyed the way they were produced; responsibly and with respect


The Brand Ambassador

As the Amarás Brand Ambassador you believe you can only be successful if your customers are successful. Your customers will be on and off premise accounts, your distributor colleagues and your Amarás team members.  So…who are you?

  • You get that word-of-mouth and text-of-thumb recommendations are the main drivers of consumer choice
  • You know that influencers are as fickle as the influenced, so impeccable brand and personal credentials are critical to longevity
  • You stand up when things go right so you can credit the team
  • You stand up if things go wrong because you take accountability
  • You have a sense of humor…self-deprecating and never demeaning of others
  • You are respectful and, in turn, deserve respect
  • You are wise, aware and current
  • You are a coach, teacher and student who knows when to lead or when to follow
  • You know when to ask for help and when to offer
  • You believe a “no” is just a “yes” waiting to be hatched

Core Responsibilities      

  • Nurture relationships and sustain business with the foundation accounts critical to Amarás success
  • Identify showcase volume accounts to build distribution and grow Amarás position in your territory
  • Work with local Distributor teams to ensure transfer orders (i.e. sales you make) are fulfilled, incentives are robust, and they know you and Mezcal Amarás make them money (yes, we have lofty ambitions and terrestrial goals)
  • Secure drink menus, flight tastings, brand visibility and backbar space for Mezcal Amarás
  • Secure the Mezcal pour for Verde Momento – the cocktail-designed Amarás offering
  • Identify and secure Amarás distribution in top Mezcal off premise (liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores as legal) accounts
  • Train and educate staff so the richness and heritage of Mezcal, especially the Amarás philosophy, is understood and relatable to consumers
  • Ability and willingness to work late nights or weekends with enough notice (to be mutually agreed)
  • Understand and follow all federal, local and company legal and compliance requirements

Skill Set

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to engage an audience of various sizes
  • Media savvy so you can act as the voice and face of Amarás at trade events and with the press
  • Manage a budget and track results utilizing the tools provided by Amarás
  • Knowledge and experience in the spirits industry beyond being a consumer
  • Highly motivated with a drive to succeed, the ability to work independently and to deliver specific results
  • Organized and rigorous with an entrepreneurial edge
  • A creative problem solver yet open to suggestions by others
  • Work remotely and help build the company culture…you are a unique contributor
  • Social media understanding and networking…for good not evil
  • You have a competitive spirit and still get excited when you see your brand on a menu, a backbar or a store shelf…because your efforts put it there

 Some Details

  • Number of Roles: 3
  • Locations: Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco
  • Reports to: US General Manager
  • Compensation commensurate with experience

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