Medicinal Whiskey: Old Grand-Dad

by Gaz Regan · Friday, February 3rd, 2012 · Not So Trivial Trivia

As you probably know, during America’s Great Drought of 1920 – 1933, if you made goo-goo eyes at your doctor, he might just give you a prescription for a bottle of medicinal whiskey.  Here’s a bottle from our attic–we think that this one came from Steve Visakay, that luvable rascal of cocktail shaker fame.  Thanks, Steve!


In case you’re having difficulty reading above, here’s what it says:

“It is a commonly accepted truism that all Kentucky whiskies are good, but that some are better than others.  In Kentucky, where this greatest of American medicines is produced and they know all about the makers of various brands and their methods, the WATHENS have the reputation of being the family of leading distillers of the State.  This reputation, first established in 1886, has been maintained through succeeding generations of WATHENS down to and including the present members of the WATHEN family who make the OLD GRAND-DAD whiskey”
If these guys had dug a little deeper they’d have discovered that the Wathens started distilling in Kentucky in 1788, though they didn’t take over the Old Grand-Dad label until 1899 as far as we can make out.

7 Responses to “Medicinal Whiskey: Old Grand-Dad”

  1. John Wathen says:

    Is this for sale? It is my old family recipe. John L. Wathen

  2. Tina B Opoulos says:

    To john wathen we bought the estate in jeffersonville Indiana and purchased the original oil paintings of his grandfather and grandmother the founder of old grand dad whiskey
    Are you interested in buying them?

  3. Mike Mirus says:

    I recently found the same bottle in my Grandpa’s empty but in great shape. Any idea of the value??

    Old Grand Dad



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