Look at You: Josh Powell, Bar 44, Penarth, Cardiff, Wales, UK

by Gaz Regan · Monday, July 21st, 2014 · Look at You: Bartender Spotlight

This time we’re talking to Josh Powell, bartender at Bar 44, Penarth,  Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Josh Powell


What do you like best about being in the weeds?

It’s a catalyst for making the day go quicker. It’s more enjoyable to be busy and time flies when you’re having fun.


What music do you like to play when you’re in the weeds?

I don’t get to play DJ where I work but if I could I’d have my indie playlist from my iPad playing to keep things upbeat.


What’s the worst thing a fellow bartender can do to you when you’re in the weeds?

Smash glass in the ice well.


What’s the worst thing a customer can do to you when you’re in the weeds?

Any kind of rudeness is hard to tolerate when extra busy. Emotions are heightened at that time so you have to try and be extra cool, calm and collected.


What’s the best thing you learned at high school?

That nobody is the same person for life. Everybody changes and things that were once cool have a habit of going out of fashion as soon as the next big thing comes along.


What’s your favorite non-bartender-related book?

Paper Towns by John Green

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