JE Doherty & Co: A Liquor Dealer’s Pamphlet, circa 1900

by Gaz Regan · Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 · gaz regan's library

JE Doherty & Co: A Liquor Dealer’s Pamphlet, circa 1900

Here’s a promotional pamphlet, circa late 1890s or early 1900s*, published by J. E. Doherty, a liquor dealer in Boston .  Old Crow whiskey was going for $3 a gallon at the time, and for $5.50, you could nab a gallon of 1872 Hennessy cognac.  How we yearn for those good old days.

On the inside of the cover of this document was a letter from the company about one of their products, Early Dawn whiskey.  Here’s how it’s described:

“We are the proprietors of Early Dawn Whiskey.  It is very seldom that one finds a twelve-year-old whiskey passing over the bar of a drinking house, but the writer had that pleasure a few days ago.  It was the famous Early Dawn brand.

We have some of that whiskey on our sideboard, and we only speak the truth when we say that we approach that venerable spirit with reverence and a due appreciation of its worth and elegance.  With Bob Ingersoll, we can grow enthusiastic and say, “Such whiskey is a wonder of the distiller’s art.  Inhale it, and you have the bouquet of a thousand flowers, rich, full and enchanting.  Drink it, and you are filled with the spirit of contentment and joy; you breathe the balmy air of the fragrant, billowy grain fields of the Great West; you hear the sweet, clear song of the lark as he springs heavenward at the break of day; the robin’s melodious tune; the music of the soft summer breeze through the wavering corn; the harvest song and the cricket’s merry chirp.  It can bring joy to the sorrowing, hope to those in dispair [sic]–make them feel that there is still something left in life to live for.  It is a friend without enemies, and a liquid delight which chance gives to a few men.”  In short, it is an all around, royal good whiskey, and we would like to be condemned to drink as good the remainder of our days.”

* Boston Post from Boston, Massachusetts on March 20, 1897: Notice is hereby given, under Chapter 100 of the Public Statutes, that Joseph F.. and Mary J. Doherty, as J. E. Doherty & Co., have applied for a license to sell Intoxicating liquors as Victuallers of the First Class and Wholesale Dealers of the Fourth Class B, at Nos. 1855 and 1857 Washington street.

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