I Sometimes Drink A Cocktail

by Gaz Regan · Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 · Quotes

I sometimes drink a cocktail; in fact, I like a cocktail when toward evening the fatigues of the day begin to tell on me. Some people like a cocktail as an appetizer, but everybody who likes a cocktail likes a good one. For a good while I have kept in my house, whether in the country or in town, the Heublein Club Cocktails in bottles, more for convenience than anything else. I knew they were good and I liked” them, but just why they were so good did not occur to me until some one [sic], speaking of the vast quantities of these that the Messrs. Heublein must make in a ‘batch,’ led me to this sort of reasoning. Barkeepers, and even one’s self, in mixing cocktails, necessarily cannot have a uniform and exact quantity of ingredients in each one. A few drops more or less of either ingredient greatly changes the nature of the product. In a great laboratory where quantities like the Club Cocktails are made at a mixing, each article is accurately weighed or measured, and the compound is following an exact formula. This insures that each and every cocktail or bottle of cocktails put up shall be precisely correct in its composition. Again, recalling the fact that age is necessary to the proper blending of all liquors, it occurred to me that these bottled cocktails, by the time they are used by the consumer may have already been months or even years in bottle, hence that the blending must be perfect. Reasoning thus, I feel constrained to tell my readers about it, as I know that a goodly number of them enjoy a perfect cocktail. I have found the several brands prepared by the Heublein Brothers, Manhattan, Martini, Whiskey, Gin, Vermouth and York,  all excellent.  Forest and stream, Volume 66.  Forest and Stream Publishing Co., 1906.

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