G’Vine Gin Bartender Program, 2012, June 16

by Gaz Regan · Friday, June 15th, 2012 · Travels and Adventures

The fabulous folk at G”vine are working me so darned hard I’ve hardly time to post this, so please excuse lack of commentary–I’ll just fill this page with pictures of the goings-on here in Cognac.  Last night I had to swim, thoroughly showing up Philip Duff in the brawn deprtment, and then they made me dance, sing, and drink lots of fabulous G’Vine gin.  ‘Tis a hard road I travel . . .

George and I swapped jackets (I got the better deal, but please don’t tell him)

Ms. Franky Marshall was very tolerant

Sebastien is my new German friend (and his Tattoos are pretty awesome)

At this point my software had a meltdown, and I’ve no time to sort it out since I’m booked to dance at the G’Vine Summer Ball tonight, and I’m going crazy trying to find someone to do my makeup.  Hope you understand.

6 Responses to “G’Vine Gin Bartender Program, 2012, June 16”

  1. forest says:

    And, i expect you to save me a dance at the ball tonight! 🙂

  2. Gaz Regan says:

    You will, indeed, Forest! Resevr a few dances pur moi, s’il vous plait.

  3. Gaz Regan says:

    and please forgive my spelling!

  4. Scott says:

    Wish I could of made it over Gary – send all the UK troops and Mr Duff my regards

    Scotty Gemmell
    LA Group

  5. spyros says:

    so nice memories from G’Vine & Cognac, those i still have in my mind…

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