Give Me Some Whisky

by Gaz Regan · Friday, January 10th, 2014 · Quotes

“‘Do you take trade dollars at par?’ asked a stranger of a bar-keeper in a Main Street saloon this morning.

‘Certainly; take anything,’ replied the accommodating tumbler- slinger.

‘ Well, then, give me some whisky,’ said the stranger.

The bar-keeper set out the bottle and glass, and the stranger poured out and swallowed his drink, and started for the door.

‘Hold on there, where’s that trade dollar?’ said the bar-keeper.

‘ Oh, I haven’t got any trade-dollars,’ replied the stranger, ‘ I only asked if you took them at par for information.’”  The Sazerac Lying Club: A Nevada Book by Fred H. Hart, Editor Of The Austin “Reveille” State Of Nevada.  Published by Samuel Carson, 1878.

sazerac lying club

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