For The Sake Of The Spirit

by Gaz Regan · Friday, February 7th, 2014 · Quotes

“The total abstainers are daily making it harder for the man who likes to take a drink in moderation. In Missouri a man cannot have a drink unless he stands up to take it. In Massachusetts he is not allowed to have any refreshment unless he sits down. In Maine, he must get down a cellar, or climb up into a cock-loft and be fed in the dark from a -flask whipped out of the pistol pocket of the bar. keeper. In Kansas, he must swear that he has glanders, or some such disease. In Iowa, he must commit perjury, and endanger his soul for the sake of the spirit; and in Nebraska, although he can get a drink by himself, it is a penitentiary offence to treat his neighbour. If this sort of thing goes much further, there will be no fun at all left in taking a drink.”  The Legends of the St. Lawrence: Told During a Cruise of the Yatch Hirondelle from Montreal to Gaspe by James MacPherson Le Moine, F.R.S.C.  Published by C.E. Holiwell, 1898.

sake of spirit

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