Cocktails in the Country, 2017: A Two-Day Bartender Retreat


In 2017 I’ll be holding Ten 2-Day Bartender Retreats with room for Ten Bartenders in Each Class

If you’d like to fill out an application, please CLICK HERE

To Qualify
You must work legally in the USA in the hospitality industry.

You must have worked for at least three years in the hospitality industry

All decisions on qualifications will be completely arbitrary, and final.


The Retreat starts in Manhattan on Monday mornings.

You’ll be returned to Manhattan on Tuesday in the early evening.

The Retreat takes place at Painter’s, in Cornwall on Hudson, NY.

We have seven rooms, and there’s room for 10 students in each class, so you might want to apply with a friend, or be prepared to share your room.

Price for students is $250

Transportation from and to Manhattan Included

Overnight Accommodation Included

Most Meals and Refreshments Included

DATES (Subject to change)

March 20/21

March 27/28

April 3/4

April 24/25 FULL

May 1/2 FULL

May 22/23 FULL

June 5/6

June 12/13

June 26/27

CLASS No. TEN: When will it be?

Itinerary below is subject to change at a moment’s notice.


11:00 am:

Pick-up in Manhattan in a Luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

1 pm:

Arrive at Painters, check in, settle down, get to know each other

2- 5 pm:

The Mindful Bartender
This will be an expanded session of gaz’s Mindful Bartender Workshop
Topics will include:

  1. Preparation for a Shift Behind the Stick
  2. Tapping into Intuition
  3. The Rewards of Mindful Communication
  4. Effective BarSpeak
  5. Dealing with Anger
  6. Changing your Reality
  7. Changing the World

5 – 7 pm

Break for food and refreshments

7 pm

Set up the bar

8 – 11 pm: Organized Chaos

Each bartender will be assigned a specific base spirit with which to create new cocktails, and everyone will take a turn behind the bar making drinks for us all to sample.


Breakfast: Continental Breakfast at Painter’s or walk (less than 3 minutes) to Two Alices, for something more substantial.

10 am – 10: 30 am: How to Write a Cocktail Recipe

There isn’t just one correct way to write a recipe, but there are definitely hundreds of wrong ways to do it.  gaz will guide you through the  process of how to write a recipe that’s easy to understand, and will look good to judges if you enter it for a competition.

gaz will also discuss his belief that, when it comes to recipes, Nothing is Written in Stone.  And he’ll explain why.

10:30 am – 11: 15 am: The Secrets of Success

Tips and Guidance on how to get to the top, how to stay there, and how to remain true to yourself, and to the universe

11:15 am – Noon: Mindful Mixology  

A discussion on recipes, and methods of creating new drinks by using product knowledge and bartender intuition.

Noon – 2 pm: Lunch

2 – 5 pm: Organized Chaos

A second round of cocktail creation.  Each bartender will be given a specific base ingredient with which to create a new cocktail which will be sampled and discussed by all and sundry.

5 pm: 

Luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter back to Manhattan


Shortly after completing the workshop students will be asked to submit an essay on how they have applied Mindfulness in the workplace,.

Students who pass the exam will receive certificates that qualify them as a Master of Service.

If you’d like to fill out an application, please CLICK HERE