Cocktails in the Country: “Your Approach Is Simple, Easy to Follow and Incredibly Effective”

by Gaz Regan · Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 · CitC 2017, CitC Testimonials

“When I began working as a bartender close to 20 years ago, it started as an endeavor chosen based on flexibility of schedule not as a career path. I was a young mom looking to make a decent income working part time hours.

“Over the years, however, it’s become a passion, hobby, and thriving career-something I never expected to happen. Always wanting to learn and improve, I decided to take your class in hopes I could incorporate your practice of mindfulness into my routine.

“I have always felt I was an attentive bartender-anticipating customer need, carefully gauging the space I was working-yet after taking your class I have a new and more concise focus on how to build and expand on those skills.

“Your approach is simple, easy to follow and incredibly effective and the benefits of being mindful transition perfectly in to all areas of daily life. I would recommend your class to anyone in the industry and feel very fortunate to have taken it. Thank you, and it was great meeting you.”

Jennifer Abare, Amici Italian Grill, Avon, CT

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