Cocktails in the Country: “Thank You for Making Me Step Up My Game”

by Gaz Regan · Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 · CitC 2017, CitC Testimonials

“For the longest time I felt my energy, bar mechanics and overall work ethic had been under sold and over shadowed by bigger egos, bigger booties, and poor excuses of half ass show boating by coworkers claiming to be bartenders.

“At the same time, all guests I had the pleasure to connect with always enjoyed my charisma, presentation, entertainment, hospitality, and of course cocktails.

“Guests would wait for me to serve them. Smile, laugh, post pictures and rave on their experience, libations, and the one who brought it all together for them.

“What a trip it is to receive hugs, kisses, ‘Oh My God I’m so glad I found you’, and ‘I brought my family back to meet you! Make them what you made me!’ . . .

“Cocktails in the Country not only gave me the challenge and pleasure of mixing with my counterparts; Gaz, you gave me the validation that yes, I have been doing right.

“The energy and presentation I exude IS the way a bartender Should be. Not only have I stuck to carrying out my passion behind the stick, I am sharing it with coworkers.

“There is no need to explain or ask for their attention, they gravitate towards my actions and the responses they see me attract! I’d like to say I played a part in that; although I’m certain your approach and energy gave me the insight to project even more.

“Thank you for restoring and replenishing confidence that damn near disappeared in me. Thank you for making me step up my game in this game called life, and this industry of hospitality. Thank you for the validation; thank you for you.

“Best regards sent with all the love, respect, gratitude, and blessings to you! Stay Golden.”

Carrie Medina, WAHI Oyster Bar, New York, NY

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