Cocktails in the Country: “My Top Takeaways”

by Gaz Regan · Friday, April 6th, 2018 · CitC 2017, CitC Testimonials

“My top takeaways from the Cocktails in the Country experience are:

1) I have become more aware of the negative energy I allow to affect me at home due to the contrast I experienced while at the class.  With that awareness, I can begin to make different decisions about how I allow myself to react and live with the negative energy in city’s industry.  This is an ongoing process, and at times I feel like I am alone on this journey here, but it has led to me feeling as if change is possible.

2) Energetically preparing for my shift behind the bar makes a real difference in how much business I get and how I interact with my guests.  And, I believe it has made a positive monetary difference for me.

3) There are some absolutely amazing bartenders around the country, and we are all dealing with the same things.  Each of us approaches them with his or her own life experiences, which leads to creative and vastly different (yet equally valid) solutions.

4) It is amazing how many different ways bartenders can put together the exact same spirits into vastly different cocktails! ; Thank you for bringing this program back, and for sharing your time and energy with us in this way.  I am honored to have spent the time with you, learned from you, and to call you friend.”

Carol Donovan, Intoxicatingly Fun Cocktails and Burton Place, Chicago, IL

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