Cocktails in the Country: “My Job Is to Make Them Smile”

by Gaz Regan · Thursday, April 19th, 2018 · CitC 2017, CitC Testimonials

“Since attending Cocktails in the Country with Gary Regan I have found myself implementing the practices and reminding myself of the principles discussed in the workshop each and every shift.

“Before getting behind the stick I read over The Four Agreements, and remind myself to not take anything too seriously and to not beat myself up when I make mistakes. Then I grab my crystal that I keep in my pocket and sit for around five minutes alone, feeling the cool air enter my lungs and the warm air leave them. All these things help me find a clearer, and more prepared head space to be mindful during my shift.

“I make sure to make eye contact and wait for each guest’s response when I ask them how they are doing that day, and I watch them either realize there’s a connection and light up, or not realize it and I just let it go.

“When I get angry or frustrated I just ask myself, what am I afraid of that’s making me react with madness? I remind myself that yesterday was a different day tomorrow will be too. The internal dialogue may seem strange from the outside but it leaves me level-headed and ready to continue cranking.

“Finally, I remember that humor is the best medicine, and when I wonder what people have come into my bar for, I remember that my job is to make them smile.”

Thomas Spaeth, Bar Sardine, New York, NY; Bar Uni, Brooklyn, NY

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