Cocktails in the Country: “Helped Me to Be a Better Person, a Better Bartender”

by Gaz Regan · Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 · CitC 2017, CitC Testimonials

“I really enjoyed Cocktails in the Country.  It was an amazing experience with  the cocktail guru Gaz Regan.

After this program I started to think and apply what I learned during the 2 days. I started giving people more attention, really listen them, answer back as Gaz taught us.  I started helping more and not be ashamed to ask for help if I really needed.

“I realize how these techniques work well and the results are incredible. People start giving me more attention as well. I see my coworkers are happier as I am.

“I usually meditate now and it gives me a sense of peace. When I am angry I am trying to breathe deeply and say to my self is not worth to be angry and keep doing what I do thinking about things I love and I am no longer angry.

“Intuition, I really used it a lot. I pushed my intuition to the limit and came out with an amazing cocktail recipe, well elaborated and presented, I am willing to even presented for a competition.

“Mindfulness technique really worked and helped me to be a better person, a better bartender and make people happy. I want to thank Gaz for teaching me all these things.  I want to thank all the staff for making our experience incredible.  It was my pleasure!”

Alex Bilodid, Junoon, New York, NY

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