Cocktails in the Country Graduate: Donny Clutterbuck, Good Luck, Rochester, NY

by Gaz Regan · Saturday, February 13th, 2016 · 2015 students, CitC

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We’re happy to announce that

Donny Clutterbuck of Good Luck, Rochester NY

has earned a Masters of Service degree from Cocktails in the Country

CitC’s Masters of Service Degree affirms that the Holder has completed, and fully understood, gaz regan’s Mindful Bartending Workshop, and has put the program into action.

gaz sez:

As Donny mentions below, he was a mindful bartender before he attended CitC, and I love what he took away from the workshop. Let me turn you over to him:

“I’ve been trying to use mindful bartending behind the bar, and I think I’ve been doing just that for the last 13 years, thank god. Putting 9-10 bartenders in a room with you for two days will change any of the perceptive folks in the room for the better, whether it’s an immediate change or a lasting and late one. Many people asked me what I learned when I came back from CITC, and my response was usually “Honestly, I don’t know.” I knew I had learned some facts about writing cocktail recipes, and I knew that I was forced to think about a variety of subjects, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint what I’d actually learned. Coming from a man with a B.A. in philosophy, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m really, really happy about this. It’s ideal, honestly. You can buy books if you want other people’s opinions about any subject ever– but there are so few programs teaching a good bar philosophy class.”

Well done, Donny, it was indeed a pleasure to get to know you a little.

Here are some of the original cocktail recipes developed by Donny Clutterbuck at

Cocktails in the Country

Cross the Pond

1.5oz (45ml) Barsol Pisco Italia

.5oz (15ml) Carpano Dry Vermouth

.75oz (22ml) Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

.5oz (15ml) 1:1 Simple Syrup

2oz (60ml) Soda Water

Lime Peel for Garnish

Chilled Collins Glass

Build all but the soda and lime peel in a shaker, then fill with ice and shake for ten seconds. Fine strain to remove ice shards into a Collins glass full of ice, add soda to top, then express lime peel atop glass. Drop lime peel into glass, add straw, serve!

Baby Boo

1.5oz (45ml) Highland Park 12 Year Scotch

1.5oz (45ml) Punt e Mes Sweet Vermouth

.5oz (15ml) Sapins 55

Lemon Peel for Garnish

Chilled Coupe Glass

Combine all but lemon peel in a mixing glass, fill with ice, and stir for 15 seconds. Strain liquid into a chilled coupe, then express lemon peel over drink and discard peel.

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