Cocktails in the Country Graduate: Andrew Jaspersohn, Untitled (at the Whitney), New York, NY

by Gaz Regan · Saturday, January 30th, 2016 · 2015 students, CitC

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We’re happy to announce that

Andrew Jaspersohn of Untitled (at the Whitney), New York, NY

has earned a Masters of Service degree from Cocktails in the Country

CitC’s Masters of Service Degree affirms that the Holder has completed, and fully understood, gaz regan’s Mindful Bartending Workshop, and has put the program into action.

Here are some excerpts from the essay that Andrew wrote about Mindful Bartending, resulting in his Master of Service Certificate:

“I have also made the conscious decision to be kind and win over the consummate arseholes, schmucks and generally abrasive people who come to the bar. I am mindful, patient and kind. The being kind part is important, and it’s not that hard. Throwing yourself out there, that initial leap of faith can be scary, but so is walking into a bar for the first time. So when I do all this 9 out of 10 times a few things happen 1) they can’t help it but to be reasonably decent human beings 2) the facade of schmuckery gets torn down 3) they come back because they had a good time.

“So I’ve been employing Mindfulness in earnest since I saw you in August, I didn’t think anything would happen over night, but I’ve made notes and been aware and patient…which is why I hadn’t written you back immediately. Anyway here is where three months of mindfulness, on most days gets you to:

  1. On solid standing with all colleagues and management.
  2. Hugs from beautiful ladies who I made a specific cocktails for.
  3. A free iPhone from a guest who remembered the story I told about mine being possessed by the Dark side.
  4. A manager asking me to re-write the Bar Standard Operating Procedure. Lots of being mindful stuff in there now.” Andrew Jaspersohn


Here is an original cocktail recipe developed by Andrew Jaspersohn at

Cocktails in the Country

Pay the Boatman

Andrew Jaspersohn, Untitled, NY, NY

“I’ve loved Pisco since I had my first taste years ago when I was a snowboard instructor in Vermont. The place I worked brought in guest instructors from abroad and we had a whole crew of Chileans. I would crash at their house when we had bad storms and the roads were rough. This was always an excuse for a party and the busting out of bottles of Pisco brought from home. I will not get into the who made it first: Peru vs Chile Pisco debate, but I will say the first taste had me hooked…even with god awful mixers. At Cocktails in the Country I figured a simple spin on a sour would be delicious and sometimes we make stuff way too complicated so keep it simple. Since pomegranate is the fruit of the underworld and this drink is sneaky strong, “pay the boatman” seemed appropriate. Cheers!” Andrew Jaspersohn

1.5 OZ (44 mL) Barsol Pisco

0.5 (15mL) lemon juice

0.5 (15mL) simple syrup

0.75 (22mL) PAMA pomegranate liqueur


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