Cocktails in the Country: Rock & Rye Fantasy by L. Sasha Mullins Lassiter, Nashville, TN

by Gaz Regan · Friday, September 23rd, 2016 · CitC 2016

3.4 12 L. Sasha Mullins Lassiter Prosecco Katz LaQuin & Tiki

Rock & Rye Fantasy

L. Sasha Mullins Lassiter, Nashville, TN

“This is the perfect cocktail for those with a palate getting used to the whiskey world. A wonderful party cocktail for bachelorette parties in the Nashville honky-tonks!”

1.5 oz (45 ml) Mister Katz’s Rock & Rye

.5 oz (15 ml) La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Rouge Vermouth

1 dash Bittermens ‘Elemakule Tiki® Bitters

Moletto Prosecco, as float

1 long lemon twist, as garnish

Stir over ice, and strain into a chilled coupe or flute. Top with prosecco and add the garnish, draping it out of the glass horseneck-style.

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