Cocktails in the Country: Piggly Wiggly by Trish Rossiene, Gramercy Terrace, New York, NY

by Gaz Regan · Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 · CitC 2016

3-7-14-trish-rossienePiggly Wiggly

Trish Rossiene, Gramercy Terrace, New York, NY

Interesting product that was challenging to blend with house ingredients. It called for something savory and had that oak character, so I wanted to blend it with bacon and balance it out with locally sourced maple syrup because it’s delicious. The pimento bitters add a kick and the Peychaud’s really balance the sweetness of the syrup. The black pepper is visually appealing and adds another interesting savory element. The candied bacon lets the guest know a preview of what’s to come.

2 oz (60 ml) Chase English Oak Smoked Vodka

1 slice bacon

2 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

1 dash Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters

Ground black pepper, as rim

1 piece candied bacon, as garnish

Fat-wash the vodka in bacon grease and double-strain.

Stir over ice, and double-strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass (rim half with pepper). Add the garnish.

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