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Having a Whale of a Time, Wish You Were Here

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Negronis by Osvaldo Vazquez were the Icing on the Cake!

For Valentines day this year we went out into the ocean in Los Cabos, and petted whales as they swam next to our boat.  What an experience, huh?  Didn’t happen quite like that . . .

We did see whales, though. Two of them to be precise.  And although they didn’t come close enough to our boat for us to touch them, they swam pretty close by for about half-an-hour.  It was unforgettable.

What follows, then, and the pics we took of Frida and Pancho, our new Whaley friends!  Thanks to Chileno Bay Resorts for their fabulous hospitality!

And we ended the afternoon with a few oysters and a song or two


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I’m a Knight of the Single Oak. So there

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Mark Brown, President and CEO of The Sazerac Company, recently dubbed a small group of Bourbon Aficionados Knights of the Single Oak, and I’m here to confess that I was one of those lushes.

SingleOakLogoYou can learn about Buffalo Trace‘s Quest for the Best Bourbon in the world by clicking on the Single Oak Project logo above, but for the time being all you need know if that, if you write to me, or any of he other luminaries mentioned below, please be sure to add the letters KSO after our names.

What did we do to deserve such an honor?  First read this from the Single Oak web site:

The Single Oak Project is the most extensive bourbon experiment ever undertaken.

For over two centuries Buffalo Trace Distillery has been a pioneering leader in quality and innovation. The Single Oak Project is our most inventive and comprehensive experiment yet.

It all started with 96 individually selected American oak trees that differed according to the number of growth rings per inch and growing location. Each tree was then cut into two parts – top and bottom – yielding 192 unique tree sections. A single barrel was constructed from each unique section. Prior to construction we varied the stave seasoning times. The 192 barrels were then charred differently. These single oak barrels were then filled with different recipe whiskeys, at various entry proofs and aged in a variety of different warehouse styles.

We believe that this experiment will allow you to directly compare the impact of 7 different critical variables across 192 bottles for a total of 1,396 taste combinations. None of the 192 bottles in the complete set are exactly alike.

SingleOak_Bottle192And after all that, we were the folk who chose the best of the best bourbon from the five top-ranked bottlings from those 192 different bourbons.  It was a tough job, but the winner was chosen by a unanimous vote.  Now you’ll have to wait 8+ years while the Good Folk at Buffalo Trace recreate this fabulous whiskey . . .

Bourbon aficionados recently inducted into the Most Noble Order of the Single Oak Project alongside yours truly include:

F Paul Pacult, Chuck Cowdery, Sue Woodley, Jason Wilson, Christopher Null, Mark Gillespie, Jim Myers, Liza Weisstuch, and Lew Bryson, and Harlan Wheatley.

Mark Brown performed the dubbing, and he was a lot more heavy-handed with that sword than QEII.  Nearly lost me left ear, I did . . .

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Happy World Class Birthday Salvatore!

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

The Luverly Eliana Martins Pessanha, aka Miss Rio, took us on a tour of cachaca bars yesterday to help celebrate Salvatore Calabrese’s birthday.

It was a World Class Bar Crawl!

We Started out at the Acadamia da Cachaca

Dennis Tamse, gaz, Peter Dorelli, Salvatore Calabrese, DaLe DeGroff, Ueno-San, and Bob Nolet of Ketel One

After tasting, oh, about 27 different Cachacas (they have over 100 bottlings there, and many of them are just sublime spirits), we toddled off to Astor

Where we met Carlos, a simply splendid bartender!

And a Trio of Girls from Ipenina!

And Salvatore gave Dale sone Serious Words of Wisdom

Happy Birthday, Salvatore!

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World Class Rio, 2012 July 7: Christ the Redeemer

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

No trip to Rio is complete without a visit to see Christ the Redeemer Statue, right?

The sight of this brought tears to my eyes, just like my first glimpse of the Taj Mahal during last year’s World Class event.

Here’s the gang I was hanging with

Dennis Tamse, Spike Marchant, Dale DeGroff, Tim Judge, Ueno-San, and Bob Nolet

Truly a World Class Crew, right?

All in All it was Certainly a World Class Day

Thanks Diageo!

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G’Vine Gin Bartender Program, 2012, June 16

Friday, June 15th, 2012

The fabulous folk at G”vine are working me so darned hard I’ve hardly time to post this, so please excuse lack of commentary–I’ll just fill this page with pictures of the goings-on here in Cognac.  Last night I had to swim, thoroughly showing up Philip Duff in the brawn deprtment, and then they made me dance, sing, and drink lots of fabulous G’Vine gin.  ‘Tis a hard road I travel . . .

George and I swapped jackets (I got the better deal, but please don’t tell him)

Ms. Franky Marshall was very tolerant

Sebastien is my new German friend (and his Tattoos are pretty awesome)

At this point my software had a meltdown, and I’ve no time to sort it out since I’m booked to dance at the G’Vine Summer Ball tonight, and I’m going crazy trying to find someone to do my makeup.  Hope you understand.

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