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Bartenders’ Bookshelf

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

A few new books have come my way recently, so here’s a look at the tomes that strike me as being well worth the price of admission.

B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S. by Brian F. Rea   

(Bars And Saloons, Taverns And Random Drink Stories)

A 175 page, 150+ images entertaining, funny irreverent memoir from the loungasaurus of the bar/drink trade. Stories of strange bartenders (Draino, Suck ‘em up Sam, Drink Magician Jason, etc.), weird cocktails, latrine bars, authors DUI on a bicycle, bar staff and customer complaints about each other, and church and bar similarities. Plus the testicle festival, classic cocktails and variations, dark ages of bartending, hangover helpers (good and God awful), Forbidden Fruit/Chambord and chastity belts, and Cock-Ale (the beginning of mixed drinks). Followed by whine tales, Stink to Drink (authors entry to the bar/drink trade), brief drink book reviews, Shampain, Mickey Finns, etc., as well as bar/drink cartoons, images and stories, together with interesting historical aspects, and observations of drink and drinking establishments. And….this is just Volume I!. You should be 21 (LDA) to read this book.



Spirit of the Cane

Nine years after they first published their first history of Cuban rum, authors Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown have finished scouring libraries, archives, and databases gleaning as much of the truth about the origins of Cuban rum. Their findings include some rather eye-opening discoveries about the contributions made by Spanish, French, British, and Dutch sources that positioned this seductive spirit ahead of other Caribbean spirits by seeking and adapting new technologies and techniques to its production which is appreciated around the globe.



The Cocktail Competition Handbook

So you want to win a global cocktail championship or for that matter even a local one. Whether you‘re a first-timer or a grizzled veteran of the cocktail competition circuit, it never hurts to hone your skills to a sharp edge thanks to the tips and tricks in The Cocktail Competition Handbook by Andy Ives. Editor of the BarLifeUK website and an active competition judge, Ives offers up sound advice selecting the right competition to enter, creating a drink, devising a presentation, and then delivering it to a judging panel.



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Going to BAR17 in Chicago Next Week?

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Please stop by Booth 11233 and visit my friends at the

American Juice Company  

I’ve been serving AJC’s products at Cocktails in the Country for the past two years, and the bartenders who used them were all mighty impressed.  And I mean ALL.

Now I’m partnering with this fine company to release Gaz Regan’s Salted Espresso syrup, and it’s being debuted next week at BAR17, so pop by their booth and insist on a sample if this sounds like it might be a fit for your bar.

The Espresso Martini, of course, was the brainchild of the late, great, Dick Bradsell–the Dale DeGroff of London–and I worked with the flavor-meisters at AJC to create something a little different, but still with that strong Espresso flavor.

Gaz Regan’s Salted Espresso syrup boasts three different coffee styles (Arabica, Robusta, and Dark Roast), and in addition to the pinch of salt, we’ve also added a little vanilla, star anise, Chinese anise, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, cardamom,  and a touch of citrus zests to the mix.  I think you’re gonna like it.

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Manhattan Opportunity in Gaz Regan’s Bartender Bulletin

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

rooster signature small

Washington Opportunity

Monkey Bar is looking for a full time bartender.

4-5 nights a week, closed on Sundays.

We are looking for a seasoned bartender with advanced knowledge of cocktails and spirits.

Please email us your resume to

Thank you, Christopher

For information on Gaz Regan’s Bartenders’ Bulletin

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