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by Gaz Regan · Thursday, November 30th, 2017 · Bartender Books

Robert Simonson’s book, 3-Ingredient Cocktails, is one of the World’s Most Important New Cocktail Books.

Let me explain

I frequently witness bartenders today make incredible new cocktails using accents, mists, foams, dashes,and a tapestry of ingredients that, when they come together in harmony, show artistry and a deep understanding of the craft of mixology.

Yet many bartenders today forget that not all masterpieces call for a patchwork quilt to display their mastery.  Often, just three ingredients do the trick. And these, when it comes down to it, are usually my favorite tipples.

At a recent Cocktails in the Country Retreat in the Hudson Valley, as the bartenders were busy creating some new drinks, I wandered behind the bar and made myself a 3-ingredient cocktail–don’t ask what was in it, I often just see if “these 3” ingredients work well together, and I vary ingredients every time.  A very accomplished Manhattan bartender asked for a sip of my drink, then asked what was in it. I told her which 3 ingredients I’d used to make the drink, and she looked puzzled, “But it’s so complex,” she said. That one remark set off an alarm in my head. Something must be done, I thought.  Well Robert Simonson just did it.

It’s very important, I believe, that this classic style of cocktail is taught to all bartenders new to the craft, and it’s just as important that accomplished mixologists remind themselves on a regular basis just how vital it is to grasp how these cocktails, so seemingly simple in structure, become so very complex when the ingredients meet in harmony.

Robert has assembled the best of the bunch of 3-ingredient cocktails in this tome, and as usual, he’s done it with style.  If you’re lucky, someone will think enough of you to buy you a copy of this book over the December Holidays. If not, get yer hand in yer pocket and buy it for your own self.

Buy 3-Ingredient Cocktails HERE.

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