A Man Known as Gin Fizz

by Gaz Regan · Saturday, February 4th, 2012 · Quotes

“At one end of the bar sat a man known to the Quarter as “Gin Fizz,” who had fallen asleep in a large plate of tomato soup, his head right in the bowl!  Next to him dsat a very wealthy Englishwoman, her feet on another stool, her furs dangling, her hat over one eye-also sound asleep.  Beside her on the floor another woman rested in slumber on the bar rail.  And so on around the bar.  I would wake them up, one by one, and try to give them soda to get sober, but it was no use.  Once awake, each would cry, ‘Another drink, Jimmie!  God!  Give me another drink!’  I gave them drinks that were mostly water, and eventually they all came to.  I took Gin Fizz downstairs and washed the tomato soup out of his hair with some difficulty.”  This Must be the Place: Memoirs of Jimmie the Barman, by Morrill Cody, 1937.

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