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Ripe for the Plucking

by Gaz Regan · Monday, December 10th, 2012 · Quotes

“They would kick about the bill when they had expected to be robbed in the first place; they would try to drink up the town’s booze supply in one night; they would drink too much and then try to lead the band; they would lose their rolls and then blame the wrong people for it; they would get reeling, blind drunk and try to steal their neighbor’s girls; they would tip so much that they were ridiculous or so little that they would be snubbed; they would raise a terrible ruckus in a futile attempt to get ringside seats at a place that was already full; they had, some of them, no more sense than to listen to the siren call of a taxi-cab driver who said, ‘Want to meet some nice girls, buddy?’  In short, the lower stratum of customers were obstreperous, ill-mannered, unable to hold their liquor, and ripe for the plucking.” The Night Club Era by Stanley Walker, 1933.

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