101 Best New Cocktails: ABCDEF by Jeff Bell, PDT, New York, USA

by Gaz Regan · Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 · 101 Best New Cocktails, 101 Best New Cocktails 2014

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Adapted from a recipe by Jeff Bell, PDT, New York, USA

The reason for this drink’s name is found in the ingredients.  Namely:




Dolin Dry Vermouth

Encanto Pisco

Fernet Branca

And the formula is:ABCDEF

Fernet Branca, as a rinse

45 ml (1.5 oz) Beefeater

22.5 ml (.75 oz) Dolin Dry Vermouth

15 ml (.5 oz) Encanto Pisco

15 ml (.5 oz) Aperol

7.5 ml (.25 oz) Campari

Rinse a chilled cocktail coupe with the Fernet Branca, then stir the remaining ingredients over ice, and strain the drink into the glass. No garnish.

gaz sez:  I first sampled this drink at PDT in December, 2013, when Amy and I were having a night on the town with our friend Denise, and the incredible Gorge Camorra, owner of the Cloud9 bar in Geelong, Australia, and his fabulous partner, Lee-Anne Campigli.  What impressed me most was the fact that I asked Jeff, who I’ve known for a few years, to make me a drink he thought I’d like, and he immediately set about constructing a ABCDEF for me, knowing full well that it would fit me like a glove.  I’ve met other bartenders who, when confronted with the same request, have fixed me a drink that they like, not considering my personal tastes in the slightest.  Jeff’s the consummate professional, and this drink is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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