101 Best New Cocktails: Workers on the Tracks by Luke Andrews, The Whistler, Chicago, IL, USA

by Gaz Regan · Friday, January 22nd, 2016 · 101 Best New Cocktails, 101 Best New Cocktails 2015

Workers on the Tracks

Luke Andrews, The Whistler, Chicago, IL, USA

“The goal with this drink was to be simple. Three ingredients. No acid. A drink I could write on a napkin and someone could make at home or ahead of time for a decanter (or flask). The balance only works with a big, rough-around-the-corners high-proof rye. Bourbon does not work at all. The layers of the drink unfold as it sits over ice. I recommend drinking it and preparing it the way you would make a Negroni in terms of dilution and chill. Keep your fingers out of this one. When riding the train in Chicago you will undoubtedly hear ‘Your attention please…we are being delayed because there are WORKERS ON THE TRACKS ahead…’ and that’s when you reach for the tiny silver companion in your back pocket.” Luke Andrews

workers on the tracks60 ml (2 oz) bonded or higher proof rye whiskey (Wild Turkey or Rittenhouse work great)

15 ml (.5 oz) Pierre Ferrand dry curaçao

15 ml (.5 oz) yellow Chartreuse

1 orange twist, as garnish

Stir over ice and strain into a rocks glass over a large piece of fresh ice. Add the garnish.

gaz sez: Luke’s gonna have a hard time trying to stop me from finger-stirring this baby—it’s living proof that keeping it simple can lead to some very complex cocktails, and he’s right in saying that you need a rye with some oomph to it to pull it off properly. Wild Turkey 101 or Rittenhouse Bonded do the trick well. This might not be a session drink, but I bet I can put two or three of these cocktails away pretty quickly.

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