101 Best New Cocktails: Queen Anne’s Revenge by Anthony DeSerio, Coastal Gourmet Group. Aspen Restaurant/Latitude 41 Shipyard Tavern, Mystic, CT

by Gaz Regan · Friday, June 21st, 2013 · 101 Best New Cocktails, 101 Best New Cocktails 2013

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Queen Anne’s Revenge

Adapted from a recipe by Anthony DeSerio, Coastal Gourmet Group. Aspen Restaurant/Latitude 41 Shipyard Tavern, Mystic, CT.Queen Anne’s Revenge

“Working in a tavern in the oldest maritime museum in the country is rather inspiring.  When I took over operations I made it a point to take a walk around. I could not help thinking I need rum drinks. Lots and lots of historic rum drinks.  Where better to start than with the Daiquiri? I do have Grog and Bumboo, too, so I also paid a visit to Mr. Wayne Curtis and his book and a Bottle of Rum. Here is the result: My Daiquiri that pays homage to the notorious rum-drinking pirate Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, who was said to add gunpowder to his rum and light it before consuming. I don’t recommend this, but I honor this practice by using gunpowder green tea.

“I have also added a little modern variation as well, knowing one acceptable change to this cocktail was brought on when Hemingway added grapefruit and maraschino. I’ve altered this with blood orange and Domaine de Canton ginger. By adding the egg white foam (smoke) that adds to the texture, aroma, and appearance of this cocktail and gives a little credit to the man and his history.” Anthony DeSerio.

45 ml (1.5 oz) light rum

15 ml (.5 oz) Gunpowder Green Tea Simple Syrup*

15 ml (.5 oz) fresh lime juice

7.5 ml (.25 oz) blood orange juice

7.5 ml (.25 oz) Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur

Ginger Tea Foam**, as garnish

1 lime slice, as garnish

Shake hard over ice and strain into a chilled rocks glass. Add the garnishes.

*Gunpowder Green Tea Simple Syrup: Fill a pint glass halfway with demerara sugar. Set 3 gunpowder green teabags on top and fill the rest with hot water.  Stir to dissolve the sugar (take the strings off the tea bags if they have them or they will intertwine with your barspoon!) and let steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Cool briefly, then refrigerate to thicken and cool completely.

**Ginger Tea Foam: Whisk 1 egg white in a medium bowl, slowly adding 7.5 ml (.25 oz) Gunpowder Green Tea Syrup and 7.5 ml (.25 oz) Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur. When firm, spoon on top of the cocktail as garnish.

gaz sez:   Okay, already, Anthony!  We’re impressed; we’re impressed.  And what a pain in the ass this was to put together—Ginger Tea Foam, indeed.  The drink really rocks, though!  It’s almost like you know what you’re doing . . .

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