101 Best New Cocktails: Old Fashioned (Red House Style) created at Red House, Paris

by Gaz Regan · Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 · 101 Best New Cocktails, 101 Best New Cocktails 2013

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Old Fashioned (Red House Style)

Adapted from a recipe created at Red House, Paris

Old fashioned red house style

“This is our house old fashioned, and it’s a killer. We have probably attained the world record for most Pimento Dram and Drambuie consumed by any bar in the world, (along with Cynar and Picon – but that’s another story.)” Joe Boley

40 ml (1.3 oz) Jim Beam Rye

10 ml (.3 oz) Bitter Truth Pimento Dram

1 cl. Drambuie

1 cardamom pod

1 lemon twist, as garnish

1 orange twist, as garnish

Muddle the Cardamom pod in a mixing glass.  Add ice and the remaining ingredients, stir, and fine strain over a big ice ball.  Add the garnishes.

gaz sez:   Killer is, indeed, what this drink is all about.  Jeez, Looeez it fair does the Tango all over your mouth with spices running, jumping, and landing gracefully every single time.  Run to the Red House and tell the crew I sent you.  Then tip real big.  Okay?

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