101 Best New Cocktails: Adonis Garden by Jessica Woods, Room 11, Washington, DC, USA.

by Gaz Regan · Sunday, June 1st, 2014 · 101 Best New Cocktails, 101 Best New Cocktails 2014

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Adonis Garden

Adapted from a recipe by Jessica Woods, Room 11, Washington, DC, USA.

Adonis Garden Jessica Woods

“A more herbaceous take on the classic Adonis cocktail, this drink is inspired by the ‘gardens of Adonis,’ composed of short-lived herbs and plants, that Athenian women planted as part of their mystery cults to celebrate and mourn Adonis as the god of vegetation,” Jessica Woods.

30 ml (1 oz) Tempus Fugit Kina L’avion D’or*Adonis Garden

30 ml (1 oz) fino sherry

15 ml (.5 oz) thyme-infused pisco brandy**

6 drops fresh bay tincture***

2 dashes Bar Keep fennel bitters

lemon twist

Methodology: Stir pisco, kina, sherry, tincture and bitters in mixing glass with ice.  Strain into chilled coupe and garnish with lemon twist.

*Tempus Fugit Kina L’avion D’or is a type of vermouth.  This from their web site:

The late 19th to early 20th century was the ‘Golden Age’ of French aperitif wines known as Quinquinas or Kinas. Kinas were originally created to make quinine more palatable when administered to soldiers in the disease-plagued ‘colonies’. They took a life of their own as producers found combinations of ingredients that delighted the public and they took on their own styles following the tastes of the regions in which they were produced.  Kina L’Avion d’Or reflects an ‘Alps-Provence’ style: White wine made from the Piedmont-grown Cortese grape is infused with Cinchona bark, Orange Peel, Wormwood and other exotic spices to give a beautiful deep golden hue, an aroma of quince and fine marmalade, with a complex, mildly bitter taste that teases the tongue as its well-balanced sweetness prolongs the finish. Wonderful on its own, chilled, on ice, or mixed with soda or tonic water, for a refreshing, low-alcohol drink. Kina Avion d’Or is absolutely spectacular in classic cocktails such as the 20th Century, Vesper or Corpse Reviver #2 and will easily find its way into many more cocktails of your own.

**Pisco brandy infused with fresh thyme for 4 days and then strained.

***Bay tincture is fresh bay leaves infused in Boyd & Blair 151-proof vodka for 4 days then strained.

gaz sez:  Well this was a pain in the ass to make, but Amy had grown organic thyme and bay leaves, and I had pisco brandy in my liquor cabinet (Bar-Sol Selecto Italia), so I went and got myself some 151-proof vodka and took this jalopy out for a spin.  It was well worth the effort.  This is pretty much the perfect cocktail to sip in the early evening when the sun’s still shining, and the day winds down.  Do yourself a favor and make this drink.  You’ll be glad that you did.

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