101 Best New Cocktails 2012: Between Piety and Desire by Joel Clark, Sanctuaria, St. Louis, MO.

by Gaz Regan · Sunday, August 5th, 2012 · 101 Best New Cocktails, 101 Best New Cocktails 2012

Between Piety and Desire

Adapted from a recipe by Joel Clark, Sanctuaria, St. Louis, MO.

“A friend of mine from New Orleans was visiting the bar one night and told me a story that took place between the streets of Piety and Desire in NOLA. This drink is the result of one of those instances where a drink is created after the name. . . . I couldn’t resist. The result is a silky, sweet, robust potable fit for any New Orleanian.” Joel Clark.

45 ml (1.5 oz) Michter’s rye whiskey

22.5 ml (.75 oz) Solerno blood orange liqueur

22.5 ml (.75 oz) The Bitter Truth EXR liqueur

2 dashes Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged bitters

1 orange twist, as garnish

Stir over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Flame the twist over the drink, then add as garnish.

gaz sez: Joel describes this as a “robust potable.” I’d describe it more as, well, how does “motherfucker of a drink” sound? I think that it might be the Bitter Truth EXR liqueur, a vermouth according to their web site, that really wakes this drink up, but it wouldn’t work quite so well if it was up against a mild-mannered whiskey. Using the Michter’s rye as the backbone of this drink works very handily, indeed, and both the Solerno and the Fee Brothers Barrel Aged bitters do their jobs well, too. Nice work, Joel.


This is one of 2012’s 101 Best New Cocktails.

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